The Sprout School
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Syllabus Playgroup

Sr.# Text Books Publisher Video Lectures
1 Kinder Skill ABC Starter     (3+ Ages Text Book) McCallum Play Lecture
2 Kinder Skill ABC Starter     (3+ Ages Work Book) McCallum Play Lecture
3 کنڈر سکلزمیری رنگین ا ب پ ابتدائی اول McCallum Play Lecture
4 کنڈر سکلز ورک بک  اردو McCallum Not Available
5 Kinder Skills 123 McCallum Play Lecture 
6 Kinder Skills Workbook Starter McCallum Not Available
7 Pictopedia Mover (Part A) McCallum Play Lecture 
8 Noorani Qaida Not Available
9 Art & Craft Book-1 Paramount Play Lecture 
Note: Please bind all Books Separately


English  4 lines 1
Math 1
Diary 1
Total 3
Note: Cover all notebooks & diary with plastic cover


Stationery Items Quantity
Gum Stick 1 (15 Gram)
Pencil 5 pack
Eraser 10
Sharpener 10
Color pencil box Goldfish 12 Pencil 2
Glitter Formic Sheet 6
Scissors 1
Ruler 1
Tap roll One Inch 2
Hard Charts 2
Glaze Sheet 2
Colour Computer Paper 50
Poster colors (Any four)
Poster Paintbrush 1