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Syllabus KG-1

S.No Text Books Publisher Video Lectures
1 Kinder Skill ABC Mover 4+ Ages Text Book McCallum Watch
2 Kinder skills eng workbook 4+ Ages McCallum Watch
3 Parheay or sikhyeAsan Qaida (part 1) Oxford Watch
4  (Topline Head Start Series)

Urdu ki Amlikitab Pre School Level 2

5 Kinder Skill 123 Mover 4 + Ages Text Book McCallum Watch
6 Kinder skill workbook 4+ age McCallum Watch
7 Pictopedia Flyer (Part B) McCallum Watch
8 قران پڑھیں آسان تجوید کے ساتھ(ابتدائی) AFAQ Watch
9 میں ہوں اسلامیات         پارٹ بی بولتی کتابیں Watch
10 Art and Craft Book 2 Paramount Watch
11 Table Book with general Knowledge Manqoosh Watch
12 Read with me (Ladybird) Watch
Note to parents  Bind all book separately


NOTEBOOKS Quantity  Price
English Broad 4 lines 1
Math (One. Inch Box) 1
Diary 1
Urdu broad line 1
Cover all notebooks & diary with plastic


Stationery Items Quantity   Price 
Gum Stick 1 (15 Gram)
Pencil 6 pack
Eraser 20
Sharpener 10
Colour pencil box Goldfish 12 Pencil 2
Glitter Formic Sheet 4
Scissors 1
Ruler 1
Tap roll One Inch 2
Hard Charts 2
Glaze Sheet 2
Colour Computer Paper 50
Poster colour (Any five)                                                               5

One poster paintbrush