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Syllabus Class 3

Sr.# Subject Book Name Publisher Video Lectures
01 English  English Book 3 CANTAB Play Lecture
The pied piper of Hamelin (Level 4) Ladybird
02 Urdu Cambridge Scholar Series Urdu 3 CANTAB Play Lecture
(قواعدو انشاء پر دازی جماعت سوم) PTB
03 Math I did it Mathematics 3 Sunrise Play Lecture
04 Science Science 3 CANTAB Play Lecture
05 Islamiat Hayya-ala-Falah 3 Aquiline Play Lecture
06 Computer Helo computer 3 Aquiline Play Lecture 
07 Social Study Social Studies Book 3 CANTAB Play Lecture
08 Quran Quran Sipara (1)                    (کتاب نماز) Not Available
09 Table Table Book with general Knowledge Manqoosh Not Available
Note: Please Bind all books separately


NOTEBOOKS Quantity  Price
English Broad 4 lines (Eng,sci,,comp) 5
Broad lines Urdu, Islamiyat 3
 Maths 1
Diary 1
Cover all notebooks & diary with plastic cover


Stationery Items Quantity   Price 
Gum Stick 2 Big
Glaze Sheet 5
Glitter Formic Sheet 4
Hards Charts 4
Marker Colour 1 pack
White Computer Paper 100
Tap role 2